In honor of baseball season!

Love at first sight

Baseball diamonds are forever

"I like a Little Dirt on My Diamonds" Baseball t-shirt. Bling Baseball!! www.facebook.com/NestVintage

this is so true. I know just about everything about the sport... there just so happens to be hot guys playing it(;


Baseball,, Love it! That's right Brickhouse is in the Four Hole!


Best state ever!

baseball <3


Love this!

it's true my friends are like u know ur education is more important then softball and i give them this face like do u know who ur talking to lady


Just remember the name on the back and i will play for the name on the front <3 ~softball quote inspire~

perfect quote for me. honestly, who give a crap if a girl watches sports and plays. My dad got me into playing sports and I'm never going to stop.

It's the moment that changes your life.

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