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    • Ashley Fent

      Our windows aren't dirty, that's our dog's nose art. Shape the sign like a bone and add a couple of paw prints.

    • Melissa Goad

      And we're not partial to just my windows in this house, Jasmine leaves her artwork on TV's, too! It's her kissing the TV when other animals she's attracted to come on the screen~ This is a dog art house! And proud of it!

    • Linda Vadino

      "My windows aren't dirty... that's my dog's nose art." Perfect description of my french doors! HaHaHa!!! So true!

    • Marlena McClure

      Dog's nose art, lol Seriously need this beside my front door!! Abby messes it up within 2 minutes after I clean it!!!

    • Rachel Jandron

      Dog's nose art, lol - my dog does this all the time... all my windows in my car are like this and in the house.

    • Jo Hency

      Dog's nose art... love it! OMG my windows totally have nose art! That shits hard to clean.

    • Jennifer Lolley

      Dog's nose art, lol so true I just had to clean my car windows for this reason! LOL

    • Elena Wald

      Dog's nose art, lol...i should have this on a bumper sticker on my car

    • Brittnee Ladner

      Dog's nose art, lol!!! Have dog art all over my front door.

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    SO true!

    Great welcome mat for owners of St. Bernards, Great Danes, etc. saucystarr

    Please! Always adopt from shelters, especially from no-kill shelters. You can find all the breeds, even pure. But if you do adopt from a no-kill shelter you are saving two dogs... the best new friend you're bringing home and the next dog who will now take his place at the shelter. Never buy a pet, it is very similar in ways to supporting animal abuse because you keep "puppy mills" up and running.



    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    Barrington Oaks Veterinary Hospital-

    Love of a mother #single mother

    adorable dog doorbell

    Rules for Non-Dog Owners -- 100% making this! But I'm going to add, "Don't run through the house to try and get away from the dogs -- they'll want to chase you way more than had you just walked." Brittany Bear

    True story!!!!!

    so true!

    haha so cute, to hang near your front door.


    so true.