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  • Laura Bull-Iacino

    technology in the classroom posters - Google Search

  • nammy b

    Therapy Quotes to Make You Think | Flourish n Thrive Counseling This poster is used in schools to give kids a reminder and easy way to determine if what they are doing is wrong or not

  • Payton Northrup

    This poster is used in schools to give kids a reminder and easy way to determine if what they are posting is wrong or not. I feel that this is a message and motto that everyone should use when preparing to post anything on a social media site. Too many people use social media to get out frustration and immediate reactions and this could be something that could help reduce that.

  • Lize De Clercq

    Think before you post on Social Media. #socialmedia #infographic

  • Kira Eng

    15 Essential Netiquette Guidelines to Share with Your Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning This picture is a great way to help children think about what they are posting on social media and if they really need to post it.

  • Linda Plumley

    Before you [icons for Facebook, Texting, Twitter & Blogging] THINK. Is it TRUTHFUL. Is it HELPFUL. Is it INSPIRING. Is it NECESSARY. Is it KIND. Great poster to use, not only when teaching students to be good digital citizens with technology, but for all of us before we post something.

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