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I like how the plagiarism section of the syllabus is the same for every class.. Almost like it was copied and pasted there...


Sneaky music industry…

KONY boy, Jason Russel, went ape shit bananas on Thursday. Homie ran up and down the streets naked snapping his fingers in a very "fabulous" manner. TMZ of course had the camera on him the whole time. Wow this is Internet gold.

Emailing professors like: *polite greeting, multiple paragraphs, perfect grammar* Professor: “sure” -sent from my iPhone

LOL! So true! Even though you already know your working together...smh. Weirdos these days. :D <3em

from BuzzFeed

28 Memes That Pretty Much Sum Up Life In 2015

This was me except it wasnot a date and i didnt stalk him online. i had just found out his middle name, he still doesnt know how though and he never will