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DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles !

I love colored glass bottles and recycle them for years. I was looking for a way of cutting the glass that I could use without the need for tools in order to reuse them. Of course I never imagined that the solution was acetone ...! See the video below: A s…
  • Becky Scheidegger

    DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles without special tools. Love the decanters as light fixtures!

  • Sherri Nussbaum

    decanter lighting DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles ! in glass diy with Vintage Light Glass DIY Chandelier Bottle

  • Michelle R

    DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles/ wire for decanter lamps

  • Linda Parides

    Glass Bottle Lights! with DIY video: Easy way to cut glass bottles from Recycle Art

  • Wendy Bray

    DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles without special tools. Love these decanters as pendant lights!!

  • Hannah Stack

    DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles ! clearly bright idea!

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wrap cotton string or yarn 5-6 times around area to be cut; knot & clip ends. Remove from glass & soak in cap-full of acetone (nail polish remover). Place back on glass and light string on fire - turning continuously to burn evenly. Keep bottom tiled up while turning to trap hot air. When flame starts to go out, plunge in COLD water. Sand the cut edge.