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Yea I'm pretty sure thats what happens.

You know, with your Toms and your "satchel" and your odd colored short-shorts. And your friend with the camera sitting right next to you. #evangelprobs

Honestly this is what the title made me think of every time I heard it.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all... Do your memories justice...preserve them all in the order they happened at www.SaveEveryStep... #nostalgia

Most of the ecards on this site are wildly inappropriate but this one made me LOL!

funny dog pictures - Suspicious Goggie

This is the first one all night to make me literally LOL. Usually I just type "lol" but am only slightly smiling, if that.

The Fall of Pinterest, the trolls vs the fish tail braids. bacon and kale and lolcats oh my.

maybe im sleep deprived, but i cant stop laughing... (<<---ME EITHER!!! LOL...)

Those are the things I learned from Disney. It helps that I have good parents who saw these lessons in the movies and wanted me to learn them.

Message In A Bottle