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directioner problems | Tumblr so.... i just love it so much.

<3 #respectForGaga My Respect For Lady Gaga Has Grown So Much!

Same order....dont touch me......Harry in his very right packers jersey!! We lost to Cincinnati Sunday :( but we beat the redskins last week:) ~One Direction Lover15

This was like another Kiss You video... absolutely has nothing to do with the song... :)

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justin bieber ☁ on

i'm in love with you and all your little things<3

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what on earth??? is it weird that i find these strangely attractive? i mean seriously its one direction in super hot Jane Austen clothes :)

Wow it has been 4 years since one direction was put together!!! That had to be the best decision anyone could ever make!! What a great 4 years!!

This would be me while watching a 3D documentary of One Direction.(;