Double cartilage. I think I know what I will be doing next time I am at the mall :)

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Double upper cartilage and triple lobe piercings <3

New piercing !!

I can't do the extra piercing on my ear lobe (too small) but maybe one of the top 2? Time to be adventurous before grad school!


Cute piercings. I especially love the crescent moon in the tragus

ear piercings, forward, triple, helix, double cartilage, tragus. OH MY GOD

Double lobe, triple cartilage piercings. Love it

Ear Piercings , earrings.

Double cartilage piercing, ear piercing, angel wing, diamonds, pearls


Ear Piercing

Vintage cartilage piercing earrings #cartilage #earrings

Twisted Spiral Barbell For Double Ear Cartilage/Double Helix Piercing. I Had This Barbell Years Ago & Absolutely Loved It!!! For The Last Few Months I've Been Keeping My Eye Out Looking For It But Have Had No Luck In Any Stores So Yup It's Time To Order Online! I'm Excited To Buy This Again It's So Darn Cute!!!!

bow and double

daith ear cartilage piercings