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Explore Unspoiled Waters, Lake Vostok, and more!

Want a secluded lake vacation? All you need do is drill through 2.5 miles of Antarctic ice to reach the cool, unspoiled waters of Lake Vostok.

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Lake Vostok in Antarctica hasn't been exposed for 15 million years. Scientists are currently drilling through the ice to see what's evolved down there. Exciting!!

More Lake Vostok research. It's in Antarctica, about the size of Lake Ontario and has been hidden beneath the surface of the bottom of the earth for like 40,000 years and this Russian team is trying to study it without contaminating it which is insane. But its also kinda cool. And its also kinda creepy.

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This is one of three articles I did on Lake Vostok. Between this 20 million year old lake and Cameron taking off for the Marinaras Trench, we are nearing the final surface frontier of Earth. The articles in order below:

Scenes From Antarctica - In Focus - The Atlantic - VIA Reuters/Alexey Ekaikin - Photo courtesy of NSF Antarctic Program