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    The Veil by Alec M. Tempongko. Payatas, Manila

    • Dominika Miha

      "The Veil" by Alec M. Tempongko. Payatas, Manila - can you see the little hearts in this kid's eyes? beautiful!

    • Lynette Mary Moon

      "The Veil" by Alec M. Tempongko. Payatas, Manila She is so beautiful with those big eyes.

    • Marie Smith

      The Veil by Alec M. Tempongko. Payatas, Manila I believe that your eyes tell a story.

    • Oregon Woman

      The Veil by Alec M. Tempongko. Payatas, Manila, stunning expression of eyes.

    • Sonja R. Morán

      An eye is meant to see things. The soul is here for its own joy. — Rumi —

    • Andrea Kushner

      The Veil - Photograph at

    • Nichélé

      The eyes are the windows to the soul

    • Rocío García

      Puedo dudar por tu mirada errante.

    • Shay

      Beautiful People

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    young boy Monk - Burma

    Nice close of photography of young child.

    "Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Young at heart.

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    The wrinkles on his face only made him look like an old man. In his eyes though, you could tell there was something there. A young essence screaming to get out. And it did. When he talked, it was not the wise words of an old man that spoke, but the curious tone of a boy just learning of the world. -Description by Emma Lu

    Green-eyed Afghan girl, 1984, by Steve McCurry.

    When the eyes from across the Veil look back at you, they look like this. wow.

    Indian Woman

    What are her dreams?

    those eyes! Lots of knowledge in there, and pain. Old Soul working it out, being very present.

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    Steve McCurry made a few hundred great pictures, even the famous girl in the green scarf, but no other caused such a response as the "Afghan Girl" or green eyes. It should be recalled even two of them. Photo: Steve McCurry

    Teal Eye ~ Girl in Laguna, Philippines ~ Photo by Mykl Mabalay

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    all kids act the same, no matter what the culture.

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