how to thicken acrylic paint with cornstarch. I used this to try to thicken paint made with skittles & corn syrup since I watered it down to make more, I think it really did help but I also took out tops of old markers and let them bleed in the colors since the internet also said that makes paint rich

how to thicken acrylic or oil paint

How to Use Acrylic Painting Texture Medium

Here's a few quick tips for using your round brush in acrylics - taken from Bob Davies' Acrylic Painting Foundation Course, only on

Want to know how to use your flat brush in acrylics?

paint on an unusual surface.

Antoine Renault - I love his paintings of water.

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Michele Theberge: "Pour, Puddle, Drip Lift, Peel, Cut Crazy Cool Stuff You Can Only Do with Acrylic Paints"

Aibrushing: Mixing Acrylic Paint with Windex. This video shows my method for thinning Vallejo acrylic paint with Windex for use in an Airbrush.

Make art with just acrylic paint, canvas and water


acrylic paint

Heart Skips a Beat Acrylic Canvas Painting by SCRCreations, $50.00

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