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You used to have to use a can opener to punch two holes in the top of the can so you could pour it

Board Games: Crossfire, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Ker Plunk, Mouse Trap, Splat, & Perfection!

I wish I was living in a mansion with Brad Pitt by now... damn this game for getting my hopes up ;)

I used to put these all over my face like they were piercings. I was all about style from a young age :)

Here's an option you might still consider wearing...wait...nope. | 30 Bags Of The '90s That Will Make Your Mind Explode

Oh my gosh ... I wasted so many hours of my elementary school life playing these video games.

We used to get Surge at break in 7th grade like everyday. I loved Lisa Frank (still do)!

I used to do "interviews" with people and record them on this. One day, I was interviewing my mom while she did dishes and dropped the mic in the dish water, thus ending my budding journalism career before the age of 6.

I used to buy a bag of these every Thursday night before WWF Smackdown! Best snack in the world! Why did they ever stop making them?

Backstreet Boys for Milk | 20 Dated Celebrity Endorsements From Over A Decade Ago