Law Enforcement Job Security Coffee Mug. Works well for legal assistants that work for criminal lawyers too lol.

what do law students say to sleep - Google Search

You know you are a law student when...


I'm just going along with my law school plan until Disney recruits me to be their next princess.

I'm happy to be a smartass rather than a dumbass


Lawyers have feelings too allegedly. Pinback by SwankSpecials, $3.00

You know you are a law student when...

Law School; Where doing your best is never good enough.

Let's celebrate another day I didn't quit my job.

people who go to law school with me know this about me.

Bob Loblaw, Attorney at Law

I believe this is a very honest description of what university students all feel like inside.

lol. I'm sure most lawyers wish they could say that.

Professor always says when you ask a legal professional a question the answer is always: "it depends"

law school- i wonder if this is my friend michelle