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M.A.P Magazine by Ossian Veronese, via Behance // Numbers on geometric images give a visual explanation of what students will find on each page.

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Page design from GQ magazine Design Director Fred Woodward, Art Director Anton, Designer Delgis Canahuate, Director of Photography Dora Somosi, Photo Editor Jesse Lee more on

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Perhaps a little too retro but also striking. Could I get this effect using a similar layout with better fonts?

Is your bibliophile forever losing their bookmarks? Returning them inside library books? Ta-da! Gift them a tearaway bookmark notepad!

Countdown to style. Off center number layout. Color background with white type

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DOSSIER MAGAZINE 003 by willem.kitshoff, via Flickr // White space! I like how Old breaks the grid just enough to make the design a little more dynamic. Nice contrast between the two pages too.

Contents page LOVE the image on the left, DO NOT LIKE THE TYPE LAYOUT

Window Farms: Information Design Book by Jiani Lu on Béhance

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Jessica Svendsen, Beethoven - 100 days with Josef Mueller-Brockmann Yet Another Graphic Design Inspiration of the Week // Introducing @moirestudiosjkt a thriving website and graphic design studio. Feel Free to Follow us @moirestudiosjkt to see more #remarkable pins like this. #poster #advertisingDesign #graphicDesign

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magazine layouts....for lots of text. I like the idea of having a sort of reference book for inspiration about layouts.