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Graffiti Drawing Lessons Free Learn To Draw Graffiti Wildstyle from Graffiti Diplomacy

Graffiti Alphabet

lessons on how to write graffiti - learn graffiti letter structure


Here is my "How to write your name graffiti style." handout


The kids loved it!

Over the years, distinctive styles have evolved that can be instantly recognized as graffiti, even when the writing is on a piece of paper. As with any art, there is no right way to draw graffiti, and you need to develop your own style. This article will provide you with the basics to begin drawing graffiti names on paper, along with several inspirational examples.

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5th grade graffitti project

Graffiti Alphabet Letters AZ Tag Cool Graffiti Alphabet Letters: Graffiti Alphabet Letters AZ Tag Cool Graffiti Alphabet Letters

How to draw graffiti -How to turn a graffiti tag into a piece

How to draw cute button noses in 5 easy steps. Beginner drawing tutorial on

Nemo Graffiti by *MatthewDelDegan on deviantART **Beautiful use of color and form to express the narrative of 'Finding Nemo.' Apparently this is the abstract interpretation of Nemo's journey of discovery...**

VERY successful expressive line/value/text project. Use a printed capital alphabet packet from Word to trace overlapping first and last names on white paper and finished with extra fine point sharpie in 1 color. 100% successful with Art 1.


my uncle used to do the same thing for me. Art With Mr. E: Line Design w/Shading - 4th Grade Very cool, fun art shading project from Art With Mr. E.; he's an elementary art specialist. Try this with your kids (but I think grown ups would enjoy this too).

how to create wildstyle letters - bending bars using cutouts

6th Grade-Op Art Kids would like doing this. @DeMaris Henderson-Gaunt Henderson-Gaunt Henderson-Gaunt Henderson-Gaunt Cleland - thought of you!

sculpture in student's names.