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Beautiful Collection Of Motion And Blur Photography

Direction (or motion) definition: Direction in design provides mood and atmosphere. Direction gives the illusion of movement within a design. Impact of Element: this picture shows a vertical motion the way the big would be going, at about full speed.

'In one month, she will be four. I am celebrating these last few weeks of her being just three. This shoot is just that, this little one being entirely herself. Time is going by too fast! This sassy little one is Chloe, and she is everything about me that I love most. She is mine. It only seemed

Unique, impossible to recreate and infinitely creative; ink drop photography is a beautifully engaging art. And what’s more, it’s surprisingly easy to do yourse(...)

11 real cakes that look like fast food

We're all familiar with the popular and often said combination of cake and ice cream but what about cookies and cake? Well, if you have never thought of the possibility you're going to be amazed by...