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Friday Art Feature - I Am ...

Great, simple art project combining line & adjectives. Kids draw wavy lines, paint & then fill in with adjectives describing themselves. Great blog from a 5/6th teacher:


I finished my thumbprint biography! (There is a special kind of satisfaction in actually completing projects found on Pinterest....)


LOVE! Self portrait hand prints - dewestudio lesson Have the students write about their year. What did they think __grade was going to be like, what was it really like? How have they grown? What new things about themselves did they learn? Fill the hands with patterns and the background with their writing.


I WANT THIS!!!! Thumbprint portraits use your child’s own thumbprint to create a large (three feet high!), colorful work of art that he or she will absolutely love.


Ink fingers - blow up on photocopier. Trace lines over fingerprint filled with "you" phrases and words. Fifth grade maybe or art club? hmmmmm


Collaborative HAND ART project. Could be done with a classroom of students. Or make it a family project and have children collect one hand print design from each family member, then put them together for a family tree.


Have printed out hands. Youth fill in hands with magazine images that represent what they need.

Scholastic Teachersfrom Scholastic Teachers

Math Meets Art: Symmetry Self-Portraits

Symmetrical self-portraits - great idea for teaching symmetry and measurement. Excellent step-by-step instructions.


Welcome to Room 36!: the first two weeks of school-read A My Name is Alice, Glue Letter & write word that starts with that letter, Rainbow Dot Name

My Years, in Tree Rings - would be great as a poem in our art/poetry books

Thumbprint Self-Portrait | TeachKidsArt idea for putting on bulletin board to introduce ASB officers

Art Projects for Kids. Self portrait focusing on eyes and helping to establish goals for the beginning of the school year.