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25 Tutorials for a DIY Carnival~ great for a Halloween Party or a Fall Carnival- fun ideas!

Carnival Game Ideas!! Either for booth ideas or a back to school carnival would get TONS of people.

So cute...cover the cans with scrap paper that match your colors. This is another one of those things that may have to happen.

Carnival Booth Ideas ~ Fishing Booth: Children choose a fishing pole and swing the "hook" over the screen. Volunteers hidden behind the screen clip on a prize and then give the line a few tugs. Children "reel in" their prize by pulling their line back over the screen. Helpful Hint: Make sure their poles and lines are not too long - they only need to be 2 - 3 feet in length.  Practice with a few children of different ages to see what works best.

I am making a bigger superhero version of this carnival Plink game for Relay. @re

Spray Away Game ~ Kids get to "spray-away" a ping-pong ball off a golf tee with spray from a water gun. Cover a strip of foam board with paper and insert golf tees. Set up ping pong balls and let the fun begin :)

Decorating for a Carnival Party Games, balloons, and bright colors -- a carnival is just like a birthday party, but better! So why not invite kids to a carnival-themed party in your backyard or at a local park?

DIY Carnival Games - The golf ball game in this link is cool!