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Just Say No to Too Much Stuff 18 Things You Can Get Rid of Today Overtaken by stuff? These mom-tested strategies will have you cleaning house in no time. By Diana Reese

every family member gets rid of 10 things per day for 5 days!!! (in our house that is 200 things... we can do it!)

Keep your bedroom organized with these 18 great tips!

Do these 5 things to make your home look more organized.

Useful tips for things around the house

Need motivation to simplify and declutter? Here are the 7 things that I was surprised to learn when I purged our home of over 168 things!

This is SUCH an inspiring post! If you need motivation to declutter today, be sure to check it out...

How to stay on top of clutter ,,,,,, if everyone donates five things everyday, I think the family will be out of things before too long lol

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