OceanPin by psychestudios, via Flickr

Cane photo tutorial

Pendant by Verundela, via Flickr

Photo tutorial for kaleidoscope cane

blue and orange cane

beautiful canes

Polymer clay Heart Pendant by Liat R, via Flickr

blueswirl by Ma-belette, via Flickr

Pixelated retro blend cane by Bettina Welker

houses cane, really nice


Inishkea - explorations in polymer clay: Poly Pipe Cane Tutorial

fimo cane

Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild, via Flickr

many lovely tutorials of canes

Graphic Pendants, via Flickr.

Rolled transparent tubes Polymer clay cane slices pressed and rolled into freefrom tubes. According to Rebecca, this is made with Premo Translucenct Polymer Clay.

Polymer clay canes made with czextruder #Polymer #Clay #Extruders

great way to use up canes

Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials - Dozens of Tutorials on Making Canes for great with jewelry