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I'm sorry, I just can't resist a good Hufflepuff joke.

How did you find me?

how did you find me? hufflepuffs are particularly good finders. Sorry for the twilight but found this hilarious!

I love Sirius jokes so much :D

In the Harry Potter movie well not really, but its in a funny pic. In here Harry says surely as in surely your not Sirius, and Sirius thinks Harry is calling him Shirley.

The line is don't you TWO read but who's judging

The moment when you make a fandom joke and someone gets it is when you find a new best friend

~ Harry Potter

poor poor Cedric, he never stood a chance. plus it'll take years to get the glitter out of his hair.>>>>>I don't know why I found this so funny 😂😂😂

.harry potter humor

No post on Sundays. Stupid "The Notebook" haha. This is funny. Harry Potter humor with The Notebook.

Just look at the tries hagrid headcanon hp Harry potter au

Haha. I almost feel bad for the costume department. They get so much grief over javerts wardrobe.

Aariann Felix on

at first I thought this was kind of funny, and then after I saw that his head was put in the Beauxbaton's picture I laughed a lot.