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this couple returned to the spot where their wedding photos were taken to capture another milestone.I am not one to post wedding ideas but this made my heart melt. Such a beautiful idea.

Wake up, I’m being cute…

Wake up, I’m being cute…

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A series of photos of a baby kangaroo which is under care. Usually at this size the young kangaroo or joey would be in their mother's pouch .

My childhood is now complete

My childhood is now complete

It could be straight out of Disney hit The Lion King but this lion cub and meerkat cuddling up to each other is real. Meet the real-life Simba and Timon.

- I am a Disney Nerd and extremely proud of it!

Be A Nerd - I am a Disney Nerd!this looks like me in cartoon form.the hair, the glasses, the eyes, the books, the everything Disney related.

Before and After

You've been framed! The hilarious animal snaps which brighten up the day

Before & After Bath *Not my dog, but this could so be my Maltese and his Pomeranian friend.

wisconsin whitetail fawn - Google Search

imbalance-: “ Baby Blue Eyes and Her Fawn (by Mike) ” Baby Blue Eyes and Her Fawn The Albino Deer has finally brought her fawn to the meadow for the first time. Here is Baby Blue Eyes and her.