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spiked silver hedgehog epaulettes - pinned by ~ unleash your inner RokStar - fashion, pop and mental health

spiked spine on leather jacket - shot by David Lenaz - pinned by

I am not as cool as this chick, so I couldn't pull off all the spikes and studs like she does, but it does give me a little inspikation. :) Sorry, that was bad. #karmaloop

turquoise spike bracelet from asos

Danger Spike Pump..its pain when u wear it for hours but like people always say to be pretty is to enjoy the pain..

stinger spikes in black, MUST HAVE when dollahs are available

Cute bob black bangs, it must be a wig but when I cut my hair I want it like this, with a perm to give it body

boots, jeans, spikes, studs

Spiked Cable Knit sweater thrift shop a white knit sweater go to a local fabric shop buy faux leather/vinyl and get some studs from ebay/amazon use e-6000 or stitch by hand & vuaaalaaaa.

Spiked Chiffon Moto Jacket