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    Nice add-on to 2nd grade matryoshka drawing. These ones have hidden doors that reveal smaller dolls.

    THis art teacher has some great ideas and lessons plans. Easy to refer back to! Each student is given a small square. It was their job to copy that square to the best of their ability onto a larger square. Students later place their square onto a large arranged mat. - 1 hr duration. 5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

    6. This image drawn by an Elementary school student. Foreshortening is when an object seems compressed when seen by a particular viewpoint. This piece's viewpoint is of the floor looking up on the person through glass.

    Students are shown examples of nature art created by Andy Goldworthy. They talk about installation art, and also the temporary properties of creating Art outside. After some discussion students are taken outside and given freedom to create their own Nature Art either with a partner or on their own. They can use any materials from nature as long as they can use them and acquire them safely.

    statue of me- talk about staute of liberty and what she stands for, then have the girls make their own "statue of me" with things that are important to them

    5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown -- complementary colors Mayan mask -- aligns with social studies

    To begin the unit on one-pint perspective students learned the basics about vanishing points. They practiced what they learned by drawing their initials and making the letters disappear off into the vanishing point in the center.

    aztec suns, gold foil. no special tools needed, except felt or other cushion under foild to transfer image

    Awesome art ideas for the classroom ~thanks Caitlin ;)

    Van Gogh Inspired Starry Night~ They started by mapping out their composition with pencil. Then they used oil pastels to create textures and swirls of colors much like the style of Van Gogh. After the oil pastels they painted on top with watercolor paint.

    5th grade art lesson. or young a heart and love art!

    Matisse Inspired Collages - 5th Grade | Art is Awesome!