Vikings Pen and Ink

5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

5th grade complementary color grid drawing. This web page has an entire year's worth of good elementary art lessons!

Tornado Collage - good cross curricular with weather systems - 5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

Mona Lisa Puzzle

Lesson on equiste corps...create an artist book as a class. Flip book animals - Using my favorite shipping tags, a Sharpie fine point pen and watercolors by Jamie Fingal

"Viking Voyages"....Purpose of game: To learn about Viking trade routes (Did you know that the Vikings went east as far as Constantinople and possibly even Baghdad? The Vikings didn't always pillage and raid. When they went east, they went as merchants and established settlements in Asia.)

Good 5th grade project

4th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

Op Art American Flag - 5th or 6th grade art project

Building a First Grade Word Wall: Blog Post from Creating Readers and Writers

5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown - Opt Art

5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown - Starry Night

Op Art Name Design

2nd Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

Grades 5-8 - Lesson Plans by Grade Level - Lesson Plans - BLICK art materials

Minecraft Selfies - 5th grade

*Fun Art 4 Kids: 5th grade - Pop Art

Tooling Foil Aztec Suns

Egyptian Art