Quattro Stagioni Bottle 1l

Glass Dairy Bottle #anthropologie. they also have round cork bottle stoppers and other bottles. great for homemade nut milk and juicing.

The Container Store > Juice Jugs - the 36 oz is perfect, need to buy 2 $6.99

Castle Key Bottle Opener! Hope I find one of these in my stocking!

The Container Store > Glass Carafe

This handy infographic walks you through Kris Carr's daily recipe. See it as a tool for you to create your own green juice recipes! Bring it with you to the grocery store and post it next to your juicer for inspiration. Learn more at kriscarr.com

Serpentine Bottles Vase

Uniform Bottles

milk bottle stopper

love these baskets from container store.

Simple organization is key to keeping in the juicing groove! (before and after) - Imgur

The Container Store > Giara Hermetic Bottle

I like this container from The Container Store ...

The Container Store > French Hermetic Glass Terrines

The Container Store > Vintage Glass Milk Bottles with Ceramic Lids

organizing linens!

Do you love these? I love these! Glass Refrigerator Jug (Set of 2) $.9.99

PB Found Oversized Wine Bottle | Pottery Barn

The Container Store > CableClips™