CityMaps is a view of New York City, Austin, and San Francisco through its logos alone. Rather than using satellite images, Street View, or legends for schools and restaurants, the map uses branding in its purest form--along with offers for all sorts of corresponding coupons.

Data visualizers found a route from every point in Europe. Map Shows That All Roads Basically Do Lead to Rome

U.S. The Original New York Times Building in Times Square, New York at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue, 1964

I am a big fan of taking public transit whenever I can. It's more efficient, better for the environment, and reduces stress when commuting (compared to driving alone). There are so many ways to get around the Bay Area using public transit.

A new book catalogs the unexpected ways designers are rethinking package design

A new book called Material Innovation: Packaging Design catalogs all the ways designers are shaking up packaging design.

Gallery of What Can Architecture Do for Your Health? - 8

Land Use Map of part of New York City. #landuse #cityplanning #NewYorkCityMaps

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