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  • Sarah Neuse

    Baby Tattoos.

  • Lila Morlieras

    Dad said I could get a tattoo Tatoo and children

  • Rae Retter

    Can't wait to make fake tattoo sleeves with Scout.

  • Rania Sembiring

    full sleeve huh?! #kids #fashion #boys #children #hat #fur #fullsleeve #tattoo

  • Rebecca

    Just some random little boy, but can't you see Jared in him - the hat, the tats, the attitude?

  • Lauren N.

    my future kid lol

  • Gisela Fortes

    kid rockin' @Chantel Waterbury Waterbury Elliott @Susannah Barrick :note to self: name baby boy Sullivan---call him Sully (duh) and get him some sweet lookin indian tats with this sweet mountain man hat.

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Almost looks like a painting somehow; so soft and sweet!

remember when the only cares you had in the world was if you could beat your best friend at a hoola-hoop contest? the days when you spent hours outside, trying the master that skill…

It's great to give a little person something to do while you are photographing them, plus you're more likely to capture their personality.

I just love little girls with glasses!! This does link to 50 Pictures Of Children Who Are Cooler Than You

that awkward moment when you realize some 5-year-olds are better dressed and prettier than you....

little small cute pretty girl long brown wavy curly hair leopard print shirt top blouse navy blue cardigan sweater clothes fur coat jack jacket anorak winter fall style kid kids

Okay. Parents. Dress your children like this. Hire me as your photographer. Good? Good.

Love the jacket, and this model looks like she could be my little boomba :P