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    Makes me smile

    Ok, I'll call in sick.

    Kittens - how to stop a nightmare


    The cuteness is too much

    I would not believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes this is amazing




    if you don't find pandas cute you are not human

    Tiny Human; TOO ADORABLE! *SQUEE!!* :'D

    It's Friday, so we can sleep in tomorrow right?

    u ok?

    YES. YES YOU ARE!!. :D

    12 Very Sad Kittens That Never Quite Became A Meme

    Cute kitten

    Yes, Yes You Do

    Another sweet animal friendship - Tiger cub Zoya, rejected by her mother, plays with German Shepherd puppy Frida of the same age, in a special enclosure at the Warsaw zoo. Description from I searched for this on