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  • Fajfar Gregor

    The Car Poolers series – Alejandro Cartagena Photographer Alejandro Cartagena shot his eerie photographic series of traveling day laborers, sleeping in their pickups, called Car Poolers, in the vicinity of Monterrey in northern Mexico.

  • Aw Zinkie

    Sleeping Carpoolers photo series by Alejandro Cartagena.

  • Jessica Grantham

    Living and working in Mexico, photographer Alejandro Cartagena investigates many social issues through his documentary photography projects. His recent series, Car Poolers, features overhead portraits of workers in Mexico catching a ride to work on the back of a truck. Some riders are camouflaged into the scenes while others stand out against the solid color backdrop of the truck bed.

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A Bird That Perfectly Mimics the Sound of Power Tools by core77: Thanks to Steven McGaughey ! #Birds #Lyrebird

"What’s really remarkable about the lining seen above is not so much that the poor bishop had a bunch of hidden medieval pages on his head, but that they were cut from a Norwegian translation of Old French love poetry"

"While the text at the forefront (the upper text) of this spectacular manuscript dates from the eight century, what’s hidden underneath it is much older. To produce this manuscript a fifth-century copy of Paul to the Romans was palimpsested, as well as parts of a sixth-century Gospel Book in Greek uncial letters (the blue text that is shining through)."

NBA 2K15 makes use of the Playstation camera for PS4 to allow gamers to scan their faces and become a character in the game. The feature uses face detection algorithms that often fail to identify the features of the face correctly creating monstrous glitches.

Latvian bicyclists show how much space could be saved by commuting on bike.

Miniature Window Silhouettes Painted by Pejac Interact with the outside World www.thisiscolossa...

Remote Control II by Jana Sterbak

Leaves by English artist Susanna Bauer - Magnolia leaves sewn with yarn

Sony makes a new magnetic tape that can hold 148 gigabytes per square inch (185 terabytes total)

Football (soccer) with inflatable body bubbles.

People relax on public steps anyway, why not give them a comfortable way to do so? Stair Squares, by Mark Reigelman, were installed at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall in 2007.

Hacked Prius Running on MUNI Power Lines. (I'm still wondering if this is an April Fool's joke.)

Midday Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganized by Color

Playing Ice like a musical instrument

"After the start of World War II, burlap houses and chicken-wire lawns camouflaged the rooftops of Boeing Plant 2 in Seattle so that, from the air, the bomber manufacturing center looked like a quiet suburb."

The Gettysburg Address as a Powerpoint - Robinson Meyer - The Atlantic

3D Maps Minus 3D / "3D-Maps-Minus-3D allows you to browse one of the major online satellite 3D-maps, but with all of the 3D-information removed. What's left is texture maps: two-dimensional images used by computer software to add color information to the 3D model." / by Clement Valla / via Charlene Brown Loyd

Unknown Face is a project based on the computer's facial (mis)recognition system. A collection of things that iPhoto thinks are faces that were transformed into a three-dimensionally recreated representations of these findings.

Chris Burden


Hammock Coffee Table

Lucy Glendinning - feather child

A Helium-filled Kinetic Drawing Sculpture by Karina Smigla-Bobinski

deconstructed dining table by Daniel Gantes

A simple red clip for sharing papers on public benches. By Pivot Creative, Amsterdam.