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Every once in awhile I have a have a moment of genius. A few days ago, I started digging around in my pantry for a healthy snack, and this is what I ended up with: That’s right. It’s a S’MOreo! Marshmallow toasted over a gas burner and smooshed between the two halves of an Oreo …

Related Pins good, but so bad . To be eaten while watching Seasons 1,2,3 and if your still alive season 4 of Doctor Who.

Out with the old, in with the new! Instead of the old-fashioned graham cracker smores, try a s'moreo! Made with Oreo cookies, Reeses cups, and marshmallows #camping #food #desserts

…and then add peanut butter. | 39 S'mores Hacks That Will Change Your Life

S'moreos // seriously craving this twist on s'mores

S'Moreos Recipe ~ a Oreo crust topped with marshmallows, caramels and chocolate chips... This is a simple dessert, pretty quick to make and beyond amazing!

Peppermint S’moreO’s…no joke. Candy Cane Oreos, peppermint's breath will be "kissable" for a long time! Hehe.

peanut butter + nutella + crescent rolls (or chocolate instead of PB)..have to try!