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  • Brenda Schweitzer

    Birds of a feather... :) Swallows in Snowstorm on the Yukon River take cover in the Alder trees. Photography by Keith Williams. #Tree_swallow #Birds #Nature #Wildlife #Winter #Snow #Canada

  • Marium Abugasea Heidt

    beautiful birds on a branch

  • Connie Otterness

    Swallows in a Snowstorm. I love little birds. So nice to see them gather at the bird feeder.

  • Becky Broussard

    Huddled little bluebirds on a branch , photo courtesy of

  • Krista Lambert

    "Swallows in a Snowstorm" *Nikongirl85 - #bird #birds #winter #snow #pet #animal #animals - tå√

  • Pamela Wey

    Oh, this is so the perfect shot. Poor little swallows all hunched up together to wait out the storm. tree swallows (photo by terri kramer)

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Brazilian Tanager - ©Takao Takayama -

British cousin of the American Robin. According to my British friend, Anita, they are "feisty wee beasties" ;D

Honeycreeper (Chlorophanes spiza) ** 2 4 1 in this shot. A beautiful bird And a beautiful flower :)They occur in the forest canopy, and, as the name implies, they are specialist nectar feeders with long curved bills. The four Cyanerpes species have colourful legs, long wings and a short tail. The males are typically glossy purple-blue and the females greenish.

I love this I hav a design just like this on my journal I fell in love with the pattern

Kerstin Endele Moore, remember when we saw that huge bird on the bridge at the museum? Scariest. thing. ever.

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Golden-browed Chlorophonia

Hopw i made u happy with this small gesture of making me more available to you. muah my awesome friend