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from CityLab

A Ghost City in Angola, Built by the Chinese

Why is China constructing large, well-designed “ghost cities” that are completely devoid of people? Now, the BBC reports a giant new Chinese-built city has been spotted in Africa in the outskirts of Angola’s capital Luanda.


Mexico City: Condesa DF

The Condesa DF is a chic, sophisticated boutique hotel in one of Mexico City's trendiest neighborhoods, with beautifully designed rooms and food to match.

from CityLab

Uncovering the World's First Cities

Researchers map the earliest Mesopotamian cities and find that many develop in surprising areas.

from ArchDaily

Infographic: Life Inside The Kowloon Walled City

Por Equipe Plataforma Urbana. Tradução Archdaily Brasil. Passaram-se 20 anos desde a demolição da cidade de Kowloon...