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Andrew Lincoln


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Inspiration for my hero, Gareth Stapleton. 40 years old.

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"I look once more at the image of Aidan Miller. Widower. Teacher. Someone quick to take a leap. A man running from one life to the next. What was his state of mind when he came to the North Shore last summer and into Nora’s life?"

darylslittleasskicker: the scene that was 100%... - Life is always a test

How about #ManCrushMonday on Tuesday? Andrew Lincoln. Ouch. via Studio Baby #TWD #rickgrimes

When he's covered in blood. | 56 Situations Where Andrew Lincoln Looks Absolutely Charming

Andrew Lincoln: AKA Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Babe. Slaying Zombies. Leading the Group. Holding Down the Prison. Badass Cop. Except he let Carl name their baby Judith....

Andrew Lincoln - Photo by Shooting Star

Andrew Lincoln aka: The Ringleader

Andrew Lincoln behind the scenes. For how thin he is, he sure looks nice with no shirt on.