need a heater for a small room... how about a candle and some terra cotta pots...

Egg Cup Planters - use sharpies and enamel paint bake at 350 for 30 minutes !! how cute easy is that!?

Ocean Animals Crafts for Preschool I cant wait to do ocean animal week...


gold painted terracotta pots-- plant small succulents or add a couple flower seed packets, or a bulb root of some kind? Would be a neat wedding favor or gift :P

pots on trellis- for outside our family room window maybe?

All Stuff: DIY Garden Mushroom - Made with terra cotta pots and drain trays. What a cute kids stool for the garden!!

holiday Christmas tree from small flower pots painted and embellished

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Painted Pots + Succulents, need to do maybe two or three of these with white in terracotta pots. Pick up small pots, two in one size, one a bit larger. Paint dip and use by tv and on new storage piece on large far wall between windows.


Wow, great idea, and the manufacturer actually explains it for DIY-ers! It doesn't really heat a whole house, but for a small hut, it could work on cold spring/fall evenings when you don't want to start the wood stove.

clay pot centerpiece by kristin.small

Window Shutters...For The Kitchen Instead Of Boring Blinds That Are Hard To Clean

Candle Powered Heater - I've been looking a various ways to make these and this guy has by far the best setup. It isn't so much a how-to video. He is just showing what he used to construct his version of the terra cotta pot candle heater.

By Thomas It's that time of the year when cold snaps cripple large swaths of the United States and those heating bills go up and up and up. But did you know

While at the home improvement store, you could visit the garden area to create this display for grouping small items.

Love these statement-making pots.

Candles in terra cotta pots with greenery