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Dear Santa, all i want is true love this Christmas. Check More #Quote at #SumNanQuotes

Dear girls, I don't care about your looks, don't care how messy your hair is, don't care if you have hairy legs, I sort of like romantic movies, I like seeing you wear baggy shirts and long pants all day long. I don't mind you being moody and sensitive. I just love the way you are. And you look perfect to me. Sincerely, Your dream guy :D hahaha if only..

Sometimes I wish that my heart wasn't so involved in my life but then I wouldn't be me...

So true :) lucky in love & married to that person. He makes me a better person & he is always there to have my back NO matter what! Thank goodness for him.

....that pretty well sums it up. I believe in this whole heartedly. People and situations come into our life for a reason. They all have purposes. Figuring them out is the hard part.....siiigghhhh

its crazy how everygirl wants this and i used to to but now i have it and its ever better than i imagened it being

Truth be told. My Grandma Mary wrote this advice to me on a postcard years ago after a bought of painful teenage heartbreak. I thought it seemed so pessimistic and sad at the time. Now, I see how freeing it is to let go of expectation. She was wise, indeed, my Gram.

It doesn't mention a name but when you read this their name comes to your mind >>> Ben <<<{my best friend and hopefully future boyfriend}