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  • Misti Moore

    Feed a giraffe along with every ANIMAL at the Zoo or Wild!!!

  • mercedes lebron

    CHECK! A memory I'll never forget. I was blessed enough to experience the Safari attraction at the San Diego Zoo. I'm so thankful I got to bond with all the animals. If you know me well, you know just how much I love and respect God's creatures, and sharing this moment with my mom made it that much more special. What a bliss!

  • Candace Craig

    African Safari Here I Come!

  • Gemma Cherie Lloyd

    Feed a Giraffe. DONE IT in South Africa!!!

  • Heather Reeves

    Feed A Giraffe. # Bucket List # Before I Die (done 2013 *HR*)

  • L 1234

    -done colorado springs zoo

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DONE and WANT TO DO AGAIN! I was in college at a sanctuary for safari animals on a field trip. I got to feed at mother and daughter and pet them. They are "people" animals, but did tolerate me and my exuberance. It was a magical experience!!

I've already done this, and I recommend it to EVERYONE. Seriously, it's so beautiful.

Fall in love with someone that's my exact opposite (Again, accomplished! ♥)

with someone completely unexpected at the most random and inconvenient of times...ok, so i think way too much about this stuff

i'd love to do this, help someone in need. but it's so hard parting with my hair :( i guess they had to without a choice, so i can too.

Check that off the bucket list. Try the Bronx at 1 am. Not fun, won't do that again.

i have a feeling i will probably fall off after 2 seconds but i want to say that i at least attempted this.

i learned just how amazing some sales can be this year... thinking i actually need to shop next year!

Melman-"I have a severe disease! There are fat brown spots all over me!" Random giraffe-"Dude, your gonna die!" ......... Melman-"So I'm gonna die." Former giraffe doctor-"You won't die. I realized that every giraffe has brown spots." Melman-"oh" ----Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Can't the back of my mind, I think I've always wanted to do something like that. But I think we've all thought that at one time or another.