Oo! Daddy & baby girl pic!!

Cute pic

beautiful delivery room photography

9 Must-Take Newborn Photos…

30 Love-Filled Photos Every Parent Must Take with their Newborn! With Daddy!

Cute ribbon idea, blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl

Take a picture of your baby on a newspaper from the day of his or her birth.

Really like this shot with newborn and family. when we get pics taken with new baby we should do this..

Daddy kissing baby's head over mom's.....This is a must have pic when Miley comes!!!!

All the tiny parts you never want to forget :) wish I would have done this!

I want a picture like this with my baby girl...whenever she comes one day!!

Camo Baby...photography idea for daddy & baby girl.

Baby pic for Easter- OMG love it!

newborn pic. Great idea for a picture to do with my kalei and newborn baby girl or boy

.beach baby!

Insta-dorable! (Some :-) of the cutest baby pics ever!!

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new baby pics.