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39 pounds

Meow, The 39-Pound Cat, Has Died

this media darling's weight finally got the best of him. As reported earlier, Meow, a cat weighing a nearly unBELIEVable 39 pounds, was on his way to.

Too. Much. Baking!

The Puzzle Of The Missing Turkey: Meet the prime suspect of the puzzling case of the missing turkey. This smart cat thinks that it can hide from the sleuths for


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a little damp around the edges

Daily Awww: Baby animals are so cute right now (35 photos)

Poor kitty I am sooo hissed off , the weather guy said sunny with a chance of afternoon thunder storms , does this look like a chance to you!

These 12 Cats Cannot Contain Their Love For Boxes #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/the-dodo/93#slide7  I refuse to accept this box's constraints. Failure is not an option.Related: Man Somehow, Bewilderingly Thought That Jumping On Top Of A Shark Was A Good Idea

These 12 Cats Simply Cannot Contain Their Love For Boxes

If cats want to sit, they're not gonna give up regardless of the fit! These 22 cats fit in tiny little boxes.

"A cat improves the garden wall in the sunshine and the hearth in foul weather." --Judith Merkle Riley

Puff watches the sun rise…… (by Jennifer Pountney)