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  • Kim Withers

    Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter. Purple flowers are my favorite.

  • Judy Aube

    Tipped Flower Pot Planting

  • Toni SimplyHomeschool

    Riveria Marine Blue Lobelia Seeds This extra early-flowering, mounded series is the market leader - plants bloom about 15 days earlier than standard varieties. Vigorous Riviera Marine Blue Lobelia will flower profusely with deep blue flowers that will grow to 5"H with a 8"W spread in the garden.

  • Brenda Ruotolo

    For bed in front yard with full sun? Terra Cotta Planter Spilling Over with Riveria Marine Blue Lobelia

  • Megan Fusco

    Riveria Marine blue lobelia - please plant yourself in my flower bed

  • Amanda Wall

    Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter. Great garden idea!

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