for secret garden - a skeleton key that actually works

old keys

Keys to a secret garden perhaps...

Keys & Locks: Framed #keys.

"I grew up with a door lock and key similar to this and I want one now. Skelaton key on a key chain is kinda cool looking. " door hardware detail, skeleton key

Skeleton key


Carving, patina, old rose, skeleton key. Mauve, green, brass, rust

Old keys

Antique keys - always have these in stock! We love them - so many projects, jewelry, mixed media ideas for old skeleton keys! Paint them, glue on rhinestones, tie them with ribbon on your project!

Vintage Key

Old keys

Tempo di Valse Lente

~ Keys


Old skeleton keys tied to shabby books.

Antique keys

Old keys...

Five old keys Photograph - Five old keys Fine Art Print