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Green Magpie, found in the lower Himalayas in north eastern India, down into central Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra & northwestern Borneo.

♥Green Magpie Among the traditional magpies, there appear to be two distinct lineages: one consists of Holarctic species with black/white coloration and is probably closely related to crows and Eurasian jays. The other contains several species from South to East Asia with vivid coloration which is predominantly green or blue.

Green Magpie. Scientific name: Cissa chinensis. Order: Passeriformes Family: Corvidae

Green Magpie @ Bird House DC Zoo by albolivarphoto on Flickr.

Magpie - love the colors for my feather

Magpie: spotted in the Badlands

Magpie. Australian magpies differ in that they have more black than white.

Taiwan Blue Magpie, taken at Waishuanghsi, Taipei City, TAIWAN #818 藍鵲戲紅 by John, via Flickr

black billed magpies. the myna birds of colorado ;-)

The Taiwan Blue Magpie, Urocissa Caerulea, also called the Taiwan Magpie or Formosan Blue Magpie (Chinese: 臺灣藍鵲; pinyin: Táiwān lán què) or the "long-tailed mountain lady", is a member of the Crow family. It is an endemic species living in the mountains of Taiwan at elevations of 300 to 1200m.