Exhibitionist coffee cup – par Brock Davis

szymon: Exhibitionist coffee cup by Brock. szymon: “ Exhibitionist coffee cup by Brock Davis ” lol win

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Surfwine


Label design for 'Surfing in Peniche' wines by Isaac Afonso and copywriter Tiago Cruz

Real Oak Bottles, Innis Gunn  #Packaging #beer

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A wooden bottle? The burnished wood is a beautiful touch and adds to the product, which is lends to the aged beer. The beer is aged in oak, which makes the bottle choice largely appropriate.

Wines of the World...the Easter Island cork is priceless!

USA Industrial Design stamps

Every country has something that distinguishes it from another country. With this in mind and the use of cork, Spanish design studio Lavernia & Cienfuegos designed a range of playful wine labels.