Short people problems

If I stretch my legs out alllll the way, I can put my feet against the empty theater seat in front of me

Lol thanks for always reminding me that I was short enough for you to be able to put your chin on top of my head!

Short People Problem People tend to hug your head more than your body. Or use me as an arm rest. But it's really nice when people bend down to about your height and THEN hug you.


Short People Problem: Who can actually reach across a bed? Unless it's a twin bed maybe. I just walk to the other side of our queen bed.

OMG, this was so me. In 5th grade I was one of the tallest girls at 5'2.5" but in 6th grade everyone grew but me.

OMW, this was so me. In grade I was one of the tallest girls at but in grade everyone grew but me. and I haven't grown since.

Yeah. And you have to sit on the very edge of the chair to make tip toe contact. Very annoying.

short girl problems - I hate this, so I sit criss-cross applesauce

I'm always telling my hubby to slow down because his one step equals three of mine!

Short People Problems - Hard to keep up! My Dad walked very fast and I remember practically running to keep up. As a short adult, I still have that problem.

I don't lose short friends, my tall friends lose me

Short People Problem Losing you and your short friends in a store since you can't look over the isles and racks

Haha I get this all the time!

"I made a joke and a woman said I wasn't old enough to make the joke and I told her I was 22 and she said "well I was thinking you where about 10 years younger then that." I had to keep that, it was to funny to delete.