For a Bunch of Flowers by Renato Lopez Baldo

The Owl & the Moon

Mountain Goats...

Wall-climbing mountain goats/sheep are simply amazing.

We have big horn sheep all over our mountains in Utah..Southern Utah's Exclusive Buyers Agent.

Tree Climbing Goats

For the past week the coyotes have been howling in my hood, everytime I turn around there is an image, they are trying to tell me something. Going to look at my medicine cards, beautiful shot!

Long-eared Owl at dusk by Paul Hobson

This goat just makes me happy


Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." READ MORE @ image: Moon hare by Ivan Kislov

spiraling goat horns. What an amazing animal!

what a shot!!

Mountain Climbing

Owl in the Moonlight

*The Norwegian goat is found throughout Norway. It is kept for both milk and meat production. It is found in gray, blue, white or pied coloration. The Norwegian also has long hair.

Mountain goat

Leaping Mountain Goat, Colorado

I always refer to us hillbillies as the mountain goats of society because we live in place and ways which no one else could.