Beautiful bridal shoes captured by White Tea | i may be able to re create these

Look to the Heavens - Jess and Will's Ballyvolane Wedding by White Tea

yoga class to start the bachelorette party? I think yes! -- Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-33

Yoga Bachelorette Party

What a clever idea! On the morning of the wedding, the bride and her bridesmaids get together for a yoga session to relax before all the craziness begins. This will be love.or better yet, ZUMBA! Murnane the Yoga thing reminded me of you

Costa Rica destination wedding spa party with Spa Holis

Things to do for a bachelorette party if going to strip clubs isn't your thing. I didn't know women went to strip clubs? Spa party + sleepover, yes PLEASE!

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