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  • Nessy C

    cute pitbull pictures | Cute Alert! Easter Photo Shoot with Pit Bull, Chick, and Bunnies ...

  • Greg Biltcliffe

    Happy dog, happy bunnies, happy chick. Dogs and rabbits can be a tricky combination, but it *can* be done. It takes a calm dog and a confident rabbit, lots of supervision, and lots of training and discipline.

  • Carolyn Goodwin

    Your Typical Violent and Aggressive Pit Bull. NOT! They are such sweet dogs. The only time they are vicious are if you train them that way. My pittbull would never hurt a fly and thinks shes a lapdog. Pitt bulls used to be used as nanny dogs and are great with my little brother. Dont judge the dog before you know the facts!

  • car new

    Just a typical Pit Bull violently and aggressively snuggling with bunnies and chicks. How sweet!

  • Dani W

    Happy puppy & bunnies

  • Isabelle Judy

    an adorable photo of a happy pit bull terrier surrounded by bunnies!

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pit bulls where also called the nanny dogs that proves how loving they are some people can be mean i hope they can see the love in pit bulls they are loving and caring animals i have three wonderful pit bulls best animals ever

happy pitbull stretch...omg this looks like my riend Megans little man Sampson!! such a sweet baby!!!

Just another vicious Pitbull here to find out more

will have one, one day with the bunnies

.Oh Yes I'm Having So Much Fun, and We Look Good Doing It To... Love Seeing Them Happy & Playing & Having Fun Just Like Dogs Should.... :) :)...

I think Tyson would look handsome in a scarf...

Vicious child attacks helpless pit bull! This just proves that a breed does not determine the attitude and ferociousness of an animal. It is the way they are breed and raised that determines that.

Olha isso Camila Peltonen Cilene Camargo Andrade parece minha Cleo pitbull puppy smile

"I gave a dog my heart. It's never been broken."