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2 things to do after your next blog post! Lots of great ideas here for maximizing your social media presence! #infographic #socialmedia

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Watch 65 Smart Marketers Help You Be A Better Marketer

I want to let you know about an upcoming event to help you create and promote better content. 12 days. 12 panels. 70 interviews with some of the brightest marketers and entrepreneurs. All free.

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Blog like Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo is a Hobbit who found himself "having an adventure, and doing and saying things very unexpected." He was also a writer.

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How To Grow Your Email List

How to Grow Your Email List | by @mike_allton | #EmailMarketing #BloggingTips | Social Media Hat by Mike Allton | The Holy Grail of marketing is a strong email list, but it's actually far easier to obtain. Here's how!

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Perfect Post Types for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & Pinterest

Perfect Post Types for #Facebook, #Twitter, Google Plus #Pinterest #google+ #socialmedia

Addictive Content Infographic

What Makes a Good #Headline

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How To Optimise Your Landing Page

Gotta have a great landing page to nurture and convert all that traffic your business is driving via social media.