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  • Therese Patrick

    The Portal Two (Portal 2 cocktails) Ingredients: Blue Curacao Vodka Lemonade Cointreau Rum Orangina Small tumblers Directions: “This drink is, of course, designed to resemble the two coloured portals from the excellent sci-fi puzzle game. For the blue version, get a small tumbler and pour in 10ml of Blue Curacao, 10ml of vodka and top up with lemonade. For orange you’ll need another tumbler, this time filled with 10ml of Cointreau, 10ml of rum and Orangina. If you fancy, you can jazz the glasses up with coloured sugar rims. Simply pour some sugar into a sandwich bag with the relevant food colouring, shake them up, pour the resulting mix into a dish and dip your tumbler in. “You can mix the portals together if you like,” says James. “It’s a very orangey flavour, which we thought tied in with The Orange Box, the compilation in which the original Portal appeared.” The finest beverage breakthroughs from the Aperture alcohol research labs. Drink them in the name of science. You monster. Drink created by James Dance of Loading for an article in The Guardian. Check out the article for the rest of the drinks and check out Loading for a great gaming bar and cafe.

  • Brian Coonce

    Cool, creative cocktails inspired from video games! (Uncharted 3, Portal 2, Skyrim, LA Noire, Modern Warfare, Batman Arkham City)

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Chell (Portal Cocktail) Ingredients: 5 cl Cranberry Juice3 cl Grape Juice 2 cl Apple Juice1 cl Lime Juice2 cl gin3 lime wedges Directions: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled Highball glass. Ad the lime wedges as garnishes. Portal 2 was officially announced today!  Celebrate Friday with a drink created after the main character of Portal 1. Drink created and photo taken by

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