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  • Adrienne Olzinger

    Oooh, 80s nostalgia. My dad definitely had one of these - red and white

  • Alison Annis

    Coca Cola Shirt! So 80s!

  • Val

    Oooh, 80s nostalgia. I definitely had one of these - rainbow colors.

  • me

    Oooh, 80s nostalgia. I definitely had one of these - red and blue

  • Customizo

    #cocacola #customizo #retro

  • Karen

    Coca Cola Clothes.

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Wonder Woman Underoos

I remember these!

Kinder eggs... Yummi

Kinder eggs wish they sold these in the USA

One of my favorite toys from the 80's. Just picked one up for my kids.

Velcro wallet. I always get excited when I see the exact same style/design of something I owned as a child. Had this! #80s #unicorns

Skedoodle: 1970's toy - predecessor to the Etch-A-Sketch. Some of my friends had this and I thought they were so cool!

The Wacky WallWalker. Looking for a long lost toy from your childhood, but not sure where to find it? FyndIt can help you track down vintage toys. Get help finding stuff at #1980s #Toys #VintageToys

baton! Every little girl had to have one. Lol!

✿ Pink Sponge Rollers ✿ Blast from the past!! I wonder where I could get some of these?

i remember this from when i was really little

Koala Clips- I had one of these, it would pinch you if you weren't careful < I had them too and yes they did pinch!

Once in awhile you'd pull one of these out of the package and the whistle part would be chipped or fractured - really messed with the sound quality.

I loved this and played with it all the time!! My dad loved putting it together, especially all of the decals.

Rubiks snake, hours of fun and the funny thing is that apparently there's still a part of my brain that retained the information of how to make the dog. Weird, huh ?

Fuzzy Bears - I love these!!! I got one from my 1st grade teacher on my first day of school ever ♥ ♥

i remember my cousin had one of these and we spent many an hour playing with it.

School #fisher_price #vintage #little_people

Vintage Barbie styling head from Mattel daughter had it Xmas 1976

Lite Brite. I had one of these and loved it! It was often my nightlight instead of an actual nightlight!

Fashion Plates | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic - most of these I don't recognize, but a few of them, namely the Ariel doll and McDonald's Barbie toys, seriously freaked me out. Flashback!!!

I loved this toy!

loved this