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    It's apple season! Time for a cocktail.

    A little bit summer, a little bit fall: a great sparkling pomegranate pitcher recipe.

    Refresh yourself with these 16 drink recipes

    Every summer, I buy too many peaches. I trick myself into thinking I will find a million ways to eat them. But about two weeks into the season, I realize I've been a tad overzealous, and the produce has been sitting on the counter a little too long. Luckily, I've been doing this every single summer for so long that I've found the ideal solution: blend up those overripe fruits with a good dose of booze.

    Our flavorful frozen drink of the day? It's a twist on the classic Blood and Sand, a Scotch-laced classic that always struck me as a little bit, well, tropical, thanks to fruity additions like orange juice and cherry brandy.

    Summer Spirits for $25 and under -- Don't use the top top shelf for those sweet summery drinks that may mask flavor but don't serve yourself or friends paint thinner either

    35 Simple, 3-Ingredient Drinks to Make at Home

    Vodka purists like to think that if it's not distilled from wheat, rye, or potatoes, it's not really vodka. But legally, vodka can be distilled from just about anything that ferments. Here are five of our favorite off-the-beaten-path brands—vodkas that will make you say, "Whoa, what is that?" as well as, "That's delicious!" (Though not necessarily in that order.)

    Rambutan possesses a pleasant sweet-tartness that becomes much richer when you take it on a quick trip to the grill, where the sugars caramelize beautifully. The resulting slightly nutty flavors pair wonderfully with tequila, while fresh lime and grapefruit juice highlight the floral and tart elements of the rambutan in this drink.

    20 refreshing drinks for your summer parties!

    Set side by side, rhum agricole stands tall compared to its cousins in the category. Where many mass-produced rums are heavy and a little one-note, rhum agricole is all about freshness and complexity, with an intriguing grassy and vegetal side from fresh sugarcane. Want to taste? Here are four great bottles to get you started.

    If you think Pop appreciated the paperweight you got him for Father's Day last year, just wait till his eyes light up when you set a bottle of primo hooch and a chunky pair of tumblers on the table and wordlessly pour out two fingers. Nearly every dad who drinks would prefer a tasty dram to a new necktie on the third Sunday of June.

    I set out to design a bourbon cocktail that Dad would want to drink for Father's Day and all summer long: something refreshing and a little savory, thanks to spices he never would have expected to find in his patio pitcher.

    A delicious spin on the Paloma #cocktail

    Great small batch gins, rum, bourbons, ryes, and more from the Northeastern states.

    These new twists on the classic Bloody Mary are so delicious, I may just try extra hard to guarantee some hangovers this summer, just to drink 'em away with one of these beverages come morning.

    Right now rhubarb is all over the farmers market, most of it destined for pies. And I'll be frank: this sweet and tangy base of this cocktail, made with rhubarb and some woodsy, spicy vanilla, does taste like a pie in delicious liquid form. That familiar pie flavor plays really well against two unexpected cocktail ingredients: Scottish ale and Peruvian pisco.

    What better way is there to tell your mom you love her than a homemade brunch on Mother's Day? And while you're at it, what better way is there to say, "Thank you for putting up with me" than a well-mixed brunch drink? Consider this your recipe guide to delicious brunch cocktails (plus nonalcoholic options!) that are a little more unusual than your standard mimosa.

    Tequila is much more than just the stuff you throw back in a shot or whiz up with ice and fluorescent green margarita mix. (And if you've only gulped it those two ways, let us tell you: you're missing out.) This Cinco de Mayo, why not try a new tequila drink? Here are 17 cocktail recipes that bring together the bright, herbal spirit with fresh fruit, amaro, and more.

    This easily batched pitcher drink will be my barbecue go-to from here on out. It pairs fresh, vibrant IPA with a tangy pineapple shrub, sweetened with a little orgeat, an almond-tinged syrup that often appears in tiki drinks. The beer brings in a savory side—piney and herbal and bitter—that cuts through the cocktail and balances the richer elements.

    Mezcal will play nice as long as you have some strong players to mix it with, like bittersweet Aperol, the herbal orangey liqueur that some call Campari's little sister.

    When it comes to the American distilling industry, most people probably think about the abundance of whiskey flowing out of Bourbon County, Kentucky, but these days, it's the American West that's making some of the most exciting spirits on the American market.

    Just because your "home bar" is actually just one lone bottle of vodka doesn't mean you can't enjoy some standout cocktails. We've got nine great drink recipes that require nothing more than vodka and a quick trip to the grocery store.

    Pair gin with vermouth and you get botanicals on top of botanicals. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but bring sherry into the mix and you'll find something both more smooth and electrifying, with hints of marcona almonds and a wonderful savory bite.